100 Word Challenge #13

Everyone stood in silence. No one dared to move or make a sound. Before us lay the one thing that all of us loved the most. I hated the way that my friend in front of me was frail and limp on the ground. Then again, I was annoyed at myself for not seeing this Read More…

Science Night

Hello students, friends and family. You are invited to 2019’s MPPS Science Night! This years Science Night will be held on Wednesday 14th of August, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm.                                                    Read More…

Comment on Emily’s Blog

Hi Emily, I was wondering where the domino’s took place in this story, but then I realised. I also found this piece a bit brutal, but I bet some others can make a connection to this. Really good Emily! -Grace

Comment on Joseph Krakowski/Dylan’s blog

Hi Dylan, I thought this piece was quite interesting, but I can relate. I didn’t quite get how someone goes out and gets a new toy robot in a certain colour in only a few minutes, but overall I liked this writing prompt. Maybe next time don’t try and ‘swear’ in your writing. -Grace