100 Word Challenge #11 Prompt:

Today was wedding of Lee and Marylee. They’ve been together for six years, and Akari and I were invited.

The couple decided to have their wedding next to a tall, old statue – a man looking at the sky, like he was waiting for something, or someone.

Akari and I were on our way to the place the wedding was held.

“Can’t you believe it? They’ve been together for ages~ and they’re finally getting married!”

“You never stop talking. Look, we’re just going to get there, watch Marylee marry Lee, eat some cake and leave!”

When they got there, something unexpected happened.

5 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge #11 Prompt:

  1. You can’t leave me hanging there! What happened?
    Nice introduction to the story, but I feel disappointed that I don’t get to read more.
    Please check – their, there and they’re – Which one should you be using?

  2. Hi Grace,
    Great job on your structure of your story! Next time you can tell the reader a bit more information about the wedding. Where was it at? But, I loved the way you left it at a cliff hanger!

  3. Great 100wc Grace!
    I liked the way at the start you said the old man was standing there for something or someone… It really layed down a scary feeling as I read it. I also liked the way you introduced the story in general with the kind of build up to something big.
    Only thing I think you could improve on is the cliffhanger. I know that it is good to make a story with one every now and a while, but before you do, you should probably leave some clues or evidence of what happens, or the start of the action.
    Beside that, great job Grace!

  4. Hi grace
    the story was really good but i think if it wasn’t a 100 word challenge it would be even better.

    from Julia

  5. Hi Grace,
    Same as Annie, great structure but like Libby where is the introduction? Other than that perfect!
    Btw- cool background!

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