100 Word Challenge #13

Everyone stood in silence. No one dared to move or make a sound. Before us lay the one thing that all of us loved the most.

I hated the way that my friend in front of me was frail and limp on the ground. Then again, I was annoyed at myself for not seeing this coming. How could someone do this? I should have been there to stop this dark and miserable accident. But I couldn’t. It had already happened. I felt tears prick my eyes, then start streaming down my face. I collapsed onto the ground and cried out.

One thought on “100 Word Challenge #13

  1. Well done, Grace. You really know how to engage your reader. You use the technique of ‘show not tell’ powerfully, allowing the reader to unpack what is happening for themselves.
    The reader is left wondering, worrying and asking lots of questions, which is a great way to draw the reader in.
    I wasn’t quite sure what prompt you were using for this piece. The week 13 one was ‘… I didn’t realise they could fly…’. It is helpful if you record the prompt at the start of the piece.

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