All About Me!


My name is Grace.

I have many talents, and I also have a passion for horse riding.

I love to talk to my family at times and I love the food my mum and dad make me. I respect my whole family and friends.

I also like watching anime.

I have a farm, I have 2 sisters, Emily And Charlotte. I have 2 parents because everyone has to have somewhere they came from, 2 dogs – Molly and Angel, 2 cats – William Shakespeare and Cruize, 7 fish – Fish 1, fish 2, fish 3, fish 4, fish 5, fish 6, and Bob.

I love writing, I’m very funny, and I get lots of good idea’s for games, things to do, etc.

I don’t really like most sports but I love horse riding and can like soccer.

This is my 6th year in Moonee Ponds and I’ve met lots of people. Such as Imogen, Julia and more.


Thanks for listening to me because not many people do, and feel free to comment.